Setting for playback default (piano instead of YouTube)

There should be an option to have the built-in piano sound be the default for playback rather than YouTube when often slows page loading significantly.

I use YT playback less than 1% of the time. I shouldn’t have have manually choose it for every section of every song.

And please allow at least choosing from a few standard sounds (full piano chords, pad etc), and muting/soloing the chords or melody.


You can do this. Click on the dropdown arrow for your profile then click “My Theorytab Settings”, then scroll all the way to the bottom and change the default audio source from Youtube to piano.

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Thanks, that’s definitely helpful.
Too bad that even when the default is piano HookTheory still waits for the YouTube video to load before allowing playback which causes an extra delay.

If the default is piano YT synchronization should occur when switching to YT or in the background. Turning off synchronization in the settings means it needs to be turned on every time when I do want to use YT