Set settings as default

Hi! It would be amazing to have a feature to set settings as default linked to your account.
Example: Everytime I open hookpad I have to go to settings, click on show piano and then done. It would be great if the show piano setting is always on. Same as in bands. I dont want to start with the same piano everytime. If I open hookpad it would be nice if it was already set with the guitar I want and bass.

Thanks a lot for reading. Maybe this feature is already in development or exists already. I haven’t found it yet.

With kind regards, Djowey

Seems like they forget to add a “save database” for the settings haha (whether it’s on hookpad or theory database)

Yes! I would also love to see this. I have to make several adjustments each time I open a new session. It would be great to lock in my preferences like most softwares do.

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Here is an upvote for a ‘save’ settings across log-ins feature request.
I looked around in the user guide and didn’t see that capability so I came to check over here.
New HP user here and I’m enjoying exploring it’s capabilities and experience.