Set colours so they stay with same note

Can you set the colour scheme so that the notes are always the same colour, e.g. C is always red? I would really like this to match with Boomwhackers to create their own scores to play.
Currently when I change a scale the first note is always red.

Hi, thanks for your question. Using Hookpad to visualise Boomwhackers is great idea! I never noticed that those have the same color as the notes in Hookpad.

Unfortunately it’s one of Hooktheory’s key concepts to paint every first note of a scale red to make reading and understanding music in different keys easier. So the only workaround for you is to write everything in a project with the key of C major. For different keys you might have to use chromatic notes and the “search” function to get all the desired chords. It’s a bit harder to compose this way but it should work.



Hi Dennis,
Yes that makes sense, especially when teaching about relative notion.
I can not find a setting to change the staff to a chromatic scale, am I missing this somewhere?

Don’t worry I found a YouTube clip on it

Ok, great! You don’t necessarily need to change the staff to chromatic scale but you can also raise or lower notes by a half tone step with the , and . keys.