Section Marker Merging & Spliting

See this short video (50secs) where I have documented my observations…

Thank you for your video. Let me try to answer a couple of things:

  • To merge two sections, click on the marker of the second section and press DELETE
  • To split a section click on a bar in your section and create a new section there
  • The menu you’re referring to is based on measure operations: Here you can add new bars, export bars, add change markers for a specific measure etc. So we show it when one or more measures are selected.
    When a section is selected, we show the section menu where you can rename your section,
    Screenshot 2023-05-24 at 06.58.25

Please let me know if this was helpful!


Hi Dennis, thanks again, yes - this is helpful.

I could see no mention of this in the user manual.

This is a fantastic tool and I find it a great help in writing and understanding music, so thanks for that as well.

I appreciate this must be very difficult to design and maintain (I was a programmer too), and what might be obvious to one person is baffling to the next so to a certain extent you will always be chasing your tail with this but I think there could be some improvements here if time, priorities and budgets allowed.

I was surprised when all the measures contained within a section were not highlighted when the section header was clicked which seem logical to me but I can see why you want to keep them separate.

When you change key you get an automatic section header with a name that can’t be changed and then you have to add in another section header if you want a name that is more meaningful within the context of the song.

When you try to merge section in the proscribed manor above, the delete key does not work in Windows 10, you have to use the menu drop downs.

Anyway … these are just quibbles really, once you understand how it works, it works. Great stuff and thanks again.


Hey Patrick,

thank you for your kind words!

In Hookpad different changes may occur in your song:

  • Band Change
  • Meter Change
  • Tempo Change
  • Key Change
    All of those have their own automatic headers which are not to be confused with section markers. A section only starts if you create a new section. In this example there is only the “Intro” section marker but lots of change markers.

If delete does not work, have you tried the backspace key?