Secondary Dominant using Harmonic Minor?

Trying to analyse “Un homme Heureux” from Willliam Sheller, I’m stuck on a chord.

We are in C minor.

I found a Cm/A that doesn’t exist in Hooktab but work pretty well in the chord progression.

it’s on measures 5 and 9 of Chorus of Un Homme Heureux by William Sheller Chords, Melody, and Music Theory Analysis - Hooktheory

Here’s the progression :
Eb Gm/D Cm Cm/Bb Cm/A Dsus4 Gsus2/D G Cm

The only solution I found as functional meaning of this chord is a secondary 2-5-1 using the Harmonic minor mode.

It can make sense as Harmonic Minor has a dominant chord, so why not using the ii7b5 of Harmonic minor scale…

I knew the secondary 2-5-1 at the first measures of Beatle’s Yesterday, but I never thought about a secondary 2-5-1 using Harmonic Minor scale instead of major scale.

Does it make sense ? Have you ever seen such a trick ? Or may be you have a better idea about this Cm/A chord ?

Thanks for your help.