Search by chords: separate minor keys from relative major

I find the “search by chords” tool great to consult when writing music, but the way everything is mapped to the relative major is sometimes not ideal. For example, if I’m writing a song in a major key and I have a viiø7 chord, I’d expect it to resolve to I most of the time, but “search by chords” suggests it only resolves to I 6 % of the time, while it goes to V/vi 14 % and to V7/vi 24 % of the time. If you then look at the songs it finds, you see that most of these viiø7 - V(7)/vi progressions are actually iiø7 - V(7) in the relative minor and aren’t relevant to the song that I’m trying to write. The problem arises because iiø7 in a minor key is much more common than viiø7 in a major key, so it would be great to separate the minor keys from their relative major.

I understand that it’s sometimes useful to map everything to the relative major because it can be ambiguous whether a song is in a major or minor key. For example, there are songs on here where what for me is most intuitively a vi - IV - I - V progression is given as i - VI - III - VII in the relative minor. So perhaps separating minor keys from their relative major could be added as an option?

I’m also finding this. Is there a way to search for minor key songs ? I’ve seen a lot of chords that are tabbed to minor but i can’t search for progressions to find similar songs with those progressions

I’m glad there’s someone out there who agrees with me! But as long as it’s just the two of us, I don’t think anything will happen.

Hi, sorry for the (super) late response… we agree and since this original post have restructured our engine to separate properly by scale. In fact, the Magic chord feature in Hookpad does actually query the engine based on the scale in your project. We will eventually move this over to the “search by chords” page on the site too.

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