Screen turns white

Ok, so this keeps happening. My first day with Hookpad and it’s really annoying. Been reading about it online now, and everyone keeps saying it’s fixed, but it’s clearly not. Anything I can do to prevent this from happening? It’s happened five times in two hours. Thank god for auto-backup, but still super annoying.

@reckoner91 can you provide us some information about what you were doing when the screen turned white? This will help us pinpoint what the problem is. Thanks!

Hi, yes, I was clicking “band” and then “lead 2” every time it happened.

Thanks. So you were clicking on a “Lead 2” instrument? We’re having some trouble reproducing this bug, so if it happens to you again, one thing that would be very helpful is if you send your auto-recovered song to us (using save to disk), and explain the steps you performed to get the crash. In the meantime we’ll continue to poke around to see if we can get this bug to show up.