Score & Tab download bugs

The “export score” is a great feature in theory, but there are quite a few bugs that make it unusable for me:

  • The first line of score has extra empty staffs, even if only a single track is enabled, wasting page space.
  • Explicit line breaks (e.g. between verse and chorus) are not marked in the score.
  • Key changes are ignored so I get a crapton of accidentals making the score hard to read.
  • The resulting PDF is always landscape, while most score is portrait.
  • Bar selection is ignored. Sometimes I just want to print single section but can’t.
  • More of a feature request, but if I could just download the Lilypond source file I could at least fix these issues myself and use Lilypond locally to generate my pdf.

Tab is even worse:

  • If I only select a harmony track, I’d expect to get a set of chord charts then just the list of chords with the harmony rhythm. Instead, I get a chord chart for every single bar, making for an unreadable mess.
  • If I select a lead track, the tab is a hot mess.
  • Again, if I could download the Lilypond source I could at least hand-edit and generate my own pdf.

Finally, despite the bugs I want to express my gratitude for creating such a wonderful tool! I’ve gone from doodling unfinished ideas on my guitar to writing complete songs, and the Hooktheory books and Hookpad app have become invaluable reference tools for my writing process. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :heart:


Thanks for the detailed report, and we’re glad that Hookpad is helping your songwriting process! A couple of points:

  • You can export individual measure ranges by selecting the measures and then in the measure context gui selecting “export score” (the menu bar export will always export the whole song)
  • Key changes should not be ignored, so if you’re seeing this, it’s probably a bug. If you send your song to, we can take a look to see why that’s not working.
  • As you have pointed out, score export in practice is not “one size fits all”, and so if you go to the preferences menu, you can select the option to download the .ly file with your export so that you can go into Lilypond and manually format it if you choose!