Score and wave export

As of 4/18/2015, I am unable to export the score or a wave file. The Score error reads as follow:

"Lilypond parsing error Whoops! We messed up trying to convert your song to sheet music. The Hooktheory developers have been notified of this error and will get it fixed soon! "

The wave file just gives a blank page with an “!” mark in the center.

I have tried using Google Chrome in addition to IE with no success. I have checked to make sure I have the latest Adobe Flash as well.

Exporting Midi is no problem and seems to work well.

Your help is greatly appreciated.



Very sorry for this. Were you ever able to export this project to score and wave? Can you either post or email me ( a link to your project and I’ll try to figure out what’s going on.

Thanks for your patience!

Hi Ryan,
I removed several lines of the song and I was able to export a WAV file but not the score. I deleted several more lines and was able to export the score. This indicates that a file size limitation may exist. Do you know how many lines of each can me exported as a score and as a WAV file? Also, do you know if their are plans to expand the size capabilities of the exports.


Hi Barry,

Thanks again for your help in tracking down this bug. We’ve identified that the score export is crashing due to a specific combination of lyric sequences. Specifically, when you use a period “.” after a blank word character “_”.

For example, the line:

These are my broken lyrics with some blank words _.

Is causing problems. We are currently working on a fix. In the meantime, if you move the period so that it is no longer next to the blank word character, then lilypond will compile fine:

These are my working lyrics with some blank words. _

Thanks for your continued patience while we fix these issues.

Regarding the .wav export, there is a limit of 100MB on the flash export. This unfortunately is a limit imposed by flash that we can’t do anything about. However, we encode the wave files at 22kHz and in mono, so you shouldn’t run into any problems unless your song is very very long. For reference, a song at 100BPM containing 11 lines is around 17MB, which is well under the flash-imposed limit.

Thank you so much for your quick response to my problem. I will make the adjustments to the lyrics in the meantime. I am loving the website and the Plus features are really cool. I think what you and your team are building is fantastic.

Thanks again!