Scope Remix Contests

First off, I absolutely love your website and have happily paid for your membership for many months now. Honestly, I rarely use you guys because when I produce and I need chords, I usually go to my friend who is a classically trained pianist and loves making music lol. However, when he is not available or I want to know a progression to an existing song, or if I come up with a chord progression that I know I have heard before; I refer to you guys immediately, and that is 100% worth the measly $5 it costs to be able to export lol.

Now, I would like to bring up my real reason for hitting up the forum. I know you guys are really busy updating whenever you can, but I think it would be a great idea if you also visited the well known remix contest websites and started adding to your library based off of the remixs that are open at that given time. With the right sharing on the comment sections of those websites contests, it could get your website a HUGE influx of new users and potential subscribers. I believe this to be true because usually when their is a track up for remix, even though they usually give you key and bpm, it is really nice to know the exact chord professions of the song. This way you know everything you can about the track in order to make it YOUR remix.

Those are 2 of many. Just an idea. Thanks for reading!