Says Need To Buy But I Did - Frustrating

Not sure what’ going on but I purchased Hookpad license today, assuming I get all features and functions of Hookpad, but I keep running into messages when I try this or that saying I Need To Purchase, but I did. What am I missing? I’m getting frustrated.

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I have the same problem

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Same with me. Sent a support email but nothing back so far. Can’t even see how to access the books I also bought.

@kellewic, sorry we responded to your support email Sunday (sometimes support tickets are delayed over the weekend). Let me know if you weren’t able to get set up correctly but you should be good to go know (it looks like your purchase hadn’t been activated correctly by clicking on the link to link it to your desired account but it is now).

@Seashore and @mdesorda sorry for missing this thread over the holidays.

If you are still having trouble let us know (for account issues like this it’s probably better to contact us directly with a support email so it gets a ticket and won’t fall between the cracks). I checked both your accounts and Hookpad is active as of today. If you are still having issues first try logging out and back in again ensuring the account is correct. If that doesn’t work send me an email at support and we’ll see what is going on.