Sample Copyright

I would like to use the exact snare used in the Hip Hop 1 kit on Hookpad in one of my songs. I have looked around but can’t find a replica in any sample libraries so I am thinking to export the WAV and chop it up. Does my paid subscription grant me license to do this? Alternatively, if Hooktheory does not own but simply licenses these samples, could you point me in the direction of where the original sample can be licensed from?

Thanks so much.


Anyone??? (Sorry had to add ??? to reach the minimum character requirement)

Hi @alexmoorephoto,

You are more than welcome to export this sample WAV to use in your own music. In general, we are fine with most “in good faith” uses of Hookpad exports. However, our terms prohibit exporting the sample for use in commercial applications where the sample is clearly functioning as a core part of the app, for instance, a sequencer that is built on Hookpad sounds.