Same chord progressions throughout the entire song

Hi, I would really love to find songs which share the same chord progressions not only over a limited part of the song but throughout the entire song. Songs which are not only similar but identical. As an example: If I am looking for a simple I - V - vi - IV progression I will find hundreds of songs which contain this element. But only some of them are built on this progression (e.g. Jason Mraz - I’m yours). I would love to perform a search where I am able to restrict the results to only those results which are strictly following this progression. I can’t find a way how to do it on Hooktheory.
Another example: Ben E. Kings Song ‘Stand By Me’ works exclusively on the chord progression: I - vi - IV - V. I would love to find another song which does so. I know there is ‘Tabs with similar chords’ and I can see there is a black line indicating at how much percantage the songs do match. But you’ll find The Police ‘Every Breath You Take’. And this song contains a chorus which is very different to the strict I - vi - IV - V.
Any suggestions how to do it?
There is such a great database of more than 8000 songs. It should be possible to find songs which are not only similar but identical …

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The first step would be a search function which specifies if the first chord in the search MUST be the first chord in the progression.
A second search function would then be as you suggest the search is IDENTICAL to the chords

PS. The axis of awesome song captures most prominent I V vi IV songs.

With or without you by U2
Glycerine by Bush are two of my faves.

Do I get you right that I cannot perform this search until Hooktheory develops an ‘advanced search’ function?
That’s what I was thinking …

I know ‘the axis of awesome’. I’m just looking for much more complex songs with identical progressions …
‘So Lonely’ by The Police is one of my favourites …