Safari Playback Issues (Stuttering/Delay)

Hi Hookpad team. I’ve been experiencing a bug for a while now, and have just decided to write a report about it. I started experiencing this issue when I switched to Safari. I can provide any other information that may be helpful in squashing this bug for good. If there are any temporary changes/fixes I can make, please let me know, because this bug has been making the app almost unusable.


  • Safari/M1 Pro (ARM)
  • 3+GB of free RAM and 90% free CPU on most recent occurrence (not due to lack of resources)
  • Cannot replicate issue on ARM-native Chrome


  • Playback begins stuttering upon changing audio devices or using Hookpad for more than about half an hour. This is often preceded by “lag” between when a sound should play and when it actually plays.
  • Please note that the exact same issue occurs on my wireless headphones. It is not a hardware issue; other websites (and Hookpad in other browsers) work completely fine.
  • Sometimes, can be alleviated (temporarily) by a tab refresh; other times, the entire browser must be quit and reopened.
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