Rock guitars not reducing to one note when exported to MIDI

Hi. As You surely know when You turn a rock guitar into a midi (at least with rythm guitars) ir turns into only one note and not the full chord as it sounds in the page. It would be great if all notes were included. Thanks

Hi, thank you for your suggestion. Yes, we know of this issue.
Right now, the MIDI export produces single notes as the Rock Guitar uses samples which have already the pre-recorded Power Chords etc. in it. These samples are then triggered by the single midi notes you see in the Midi Export.

I’ll add the chord completion of the Rock Guitar Midi Export onto our ToDo list.

one short term option might be to add a “distortion” or “overdrive” module / function to layer in on a given track, then people could add that to the instrument and select things like “no 3” etc to get “power chords” + “rock god guitar” (and might be interesting on organ and wurly instruments… :slight_smile: )