'Rock' Guitar sound - midi export only has the lowest notes in chord

Hi there, I e-mailed a while ago to ask if there was a way of exporting whole chords (all notes) when using the ‘Rock’ guitar voice in Hookpad. It’s only that instrument voice that has this shortcoming (‘Acoustic’ and the clean ‘Electric’ guitar voices for instance do export full midi chords/all chord notes). Had a reply giving there was a technical difficulty with exporting full chord with Rock Guitar and reply suggested a possible solution to this that might be able to be incorporated into a future version of Hookpad, but thus far it remains an niggling issue. In the meantime I had been switching the guitar part from Rock to Electric before exporting midi but the problem with that is there’s certain beat options (e.g., 1/2 or 1/4 muted and open strings) that are not available with the other guitar voices. Do you think it might be possible to get Rock guitar to export whole midi chords, or otherwise to add some of the Rock Guitar ‘Beat’ options to either the Acoustic or Electric Guitar voicings?
Best wishes to you all at Hookpad (which is otherwise truly great!)

Thanks for the suggestion. The reason these export as a single note is that the patch itself is using power chord samples, e.g. single notes are mapped to samples of power chords, similar to many DAW patches that feature chord engines.

However, I can certainly see that if you are interested in exporting to a patch that maps to single notes, how having the entire chord would be better. Let me think about how we might accomplish this, thanks for the suggestion.

Many thanks for reply Ryan, that’s sounds really helpful.