Rick Astley's dance moves

I submitted a new analysis today: https://www.hooktheory.com/theorytab/view/helene-rolles/pour-lamour-dun-garcon

But whenever I click on it, I get this message: “Click play to enjoy a little slice of awesome. Be sure to check out Rick Astley’s dance moves in the video…”

Not sure what that is all about.

was there a special character or accent in the url? Wondering if there is an error is being caused by some character mismatch related to that?


Quite possibly. I removed accented characters from the name of the artist and the title of the song until it passed validation, but the title of the song still had two apostrophes in it.

There’s been quite a few errors popping up on TheoryTab lately. For example, here’s three tabs I found just now from the “New” section that are 404’d:

When you enter a search for a song that’s not on the database, you get sent to a 404/500 page instead of a “No songs found” sort of deal.

Submitted three songs today, but only one of them succeeded, and the other two broke.

  • The Beckoning Enslaved by DIAD (works)
  • Tulip by Kaede Takagaki - Mio Honda - Mayu Sakuma (transfers, but fails to load)
  • Mobile Suit Z Gundam - Aka no Rick Dias (A-7-2) by Shigeaki Saegusa (fails to transfer)

Now even my profile page gives a 500 error: https://www.hooktheory.com/user/profile/HertzDevil

Also I don’t think one of the links above has special characters at all:

It appears that transfers fail when they involve creating new artists, as Helene Rolles, Yugo Kanno, JynX, Curbi, Kaede Takagaki - Mio Honda - Mayu Sakuma, and these artists previously had 0 songs in the database:
Also, the dates on the new Theorytabs chart are off when the respective Theorytabs were modified rather than created.

Not sure what happened to that last tab I did and my profile page.

Thanks, we’ll take a look. We recently updated to the newest version php and mysql and there are some known breaking changes. It’s possible this is one of the ones we missed.

Tried to add another of Hélène Rolles’ songs; this one, too, was eaten by the 500 error. https://www.hooktheory.com/theorytab/view/helene-rolles/je-mappelle-helene

I hope this gets fixed soon, as I have a few more tabs waiting to be transferred.

Thanks for reporting this. We have root caused, fixed, tested, and pushed an update.


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Song links on my profile now link to nowhere:

Yep. I checked my own profile and some other people’s profile too. Seems to have happened to everyone.

Checked my own and the 404s are happening to me too.

yep. Thanks I have identified the cause. A fix should be pushed live in the next day or so.


This is still not fixed.

Search results also return 500 if no tabs are found. Example: https://www.hooktheory.com/theorytab/results?path=sdhsljhsklfgfjkdghdlf