Rewind not working when note is selected

As the title says, when a note is selected, the rewind button doesn’t work. This is especially problematic when writing a TheoryTab, where using the rewind button rewinds the video but not hookpad itself.

Edit : same behavior when a chord is selected.

Oh and this is an option that can be on by default for me.

Still an issue. And I would still prefer the rewind to be on by default.

Still an issue. Please fix this.

Rewind still doesn’t work when a note is selected. Playback starts from the selected note, when the Rewind action should deselect it.

Hi and sorry it took us so long to answer this.
The rewind button doesn’t work when things are selected as there is no transport cursor which can be rewound at this moment. So basically what we needed to do is to deselect everything and then reset the transport position of the cursor.

I was able to fix this, it should work after the next update.