Revert the Damage

Now that the vandal has been blocked, we all need to work together to undo the damage that has been done. The user’s history is right here so you can see what needs fixed.

Thank you for your commitment. I have also deleted another spam account which did great damage this morning. Here is a list of songs which where changed by this one.

@DSchwachhofer might be time to add some additional authentication mechanisms for the sign up (email verification, payment information, etc), no payment, no edit?, waiting period (10 days?) to edit songs not owned by the person, login requires 2nd factor authentication for edits (meaning a valid # from an email or text) etc to reduce the potential for mischief or make them wary of being caught.

Also, they should set up a system that blocks the same IP address from creating another account within a certain time frame.
They could also create a leveling system based on your number of contributions, age of account, and account activity that would open a contributor up to more features. Some of these features could be: flagging a tab for deletion (I still think they should have to review it first), reporting users, adding a song to the Song of The Day pool, and changing the title/artist/section name.

Okay it took a while, but I think I’ve got the rest over with

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Thank you very much! We’re looking into a solution right now.

@DSchwachhofer Also, Can you delete this? The title is wrong.