Rests Should Behave As Notes

Rests should behave as notes. If you shorten a note from the right side and it is followed by a rest, the rest should expand to fill the void as is the case with adjacent notes.

Rests should also be subject to the normal up arrow key so that you can easily alter between a rest and using a note of the same duration.

Hey DFT, thank you for your suggestions!

The first one should already work. If you hover your mouse over the outer edge of a note which is next to a rest and shorten that note, the rest will automatically fill the gap. Just make sure the cursor looks like this.

Altering between notes and rests is also possible, but not with the arrow key. Just select a rest and use the keys from 1-7 to switch the rest to a note with the same length and the selected scale degree. Press 0 to alter the note into a rest again.

Please let me know if this helped!


Hey, DSchachhofer!

Thank your for your reply. I was aware of the ‘hover’ from either a rest or a note. And I know you can select and hit a number.

I’ve now also figured out why a rest shouldn’t shouldn’t respond to the up arrow: it would interfere with bringing notes down to the same line, the ‘1,’ as needed to lower an actual note to that place.

In lieu of nuking my wish, maybe I should let it sit here for the next ‘newb’ who doesn’t get it?

Yes, that sounds like a good plan! :slight_smile: