[RESOLVED] Split and Merge do not work


I have a problem on my new laptop.
The split and merge commands do not work.
All other commands are working, and split and merge are working on my desktop computer.
Same issue on Chrome and Firefox, I’m on Windows 10, Flash is up to date.

When I hit “/”, the mouse icone becomes a vertical bar, but nothing happens when I clik on a note.
When I hit “t” + click, Hookpad is freezing for some time, and then nothing happens.

It ruins my use of Hookpad :frowning:



I have managed to resolve these issues

  1. merge not working : it’s working in fact, but I have to press “t” + to click on mouse exactly at the same time. I can’t press “t” and then click on mouse
    So it’s not a bug, but perhaps it could be explained in the user guide :wink:

  2. split not working : I have switched some mouse buttons parameters in Windows, I have then came back to the preceding configuration and… split is now working
    So it’s not a bug too


Thanks for the update and sorry for not responding sooner. I wonder if there is some autorepeat setting in Windows 10 you have on that is causing the ‘t’ key to stop being held down.

I think it’s an accessibility thing for older folks or people with disabilities who may press the key for too long when trying to type and get multiple characters when they only wanted 1.

That’s the only thing I can think of, but still investigating on our side.


Hello Dave,

No problem !
I have looked at the settings of my keyboard in Windows, I have not seen anything that could explain it, but I’m not expert in this part of Windows.
I think these issues are laptop related.

Anyway, it’s ok now ;–)