Reset the score in the train section of chord crush

Is there a way to reset the score in the train section of chord crush and start from the beginning? But I would like to do it only in the train section without losing the progress in the level up section. Is that possible?

@Nodiadh your train rating is less of a “score” and more of a metric that tells Chord Crush what puzzles are at your level. We don’t currently have a way to reset it, although we’ve thought about it. If you’re interested in doing puzzles that are easier than your current rating you can do so in the custom mode, or if you’d like to do a progression of harder puzzles starting at 0 you can do a rush survival mode.

Thank you for the suggestions.
Well, I think it’s a good idea to develop that feature. The reason i want to reset is that i’ve been doing the training with mellow chords. Now i that i’ve improved my skill, i’m doing it with real songs but its much more difficult for me. So i would like to start with easier puzzles and also, its not very motivating to see my score go down. I think that may happen to other people.

Got it, yeah I think this is a reasonable request, we’ll put this on the roadmap

I think having two separate scores, for chords and real songs, would be ideal. But also having the chance to reset. If someone leaves the practice for some time, for example, may need a few days solving easier puzzles.

This feature was added in 1.2.9 (2022.04.20). Click your account menu and click “Reset” and you’ll have a new unplayed Chord Crush. Enjoy!

Thank you! I found it. “reset progress” in the button to sing out. :slight_smile: