Requesting a few features

Hi , I have a few ideas that I think will improve this site.

  1. show visually the key of a song without going to hook pad. A colored circle + a letter inside is simple and easy. It can be below the name of the song or next to it.
  2. Input sustain pedal , for some certain songs, sustain pedals are ear pleasing.
  3. Finally, a second piano (add c0-c1 octave!) for up and down bass notes.

Please take these features into consideration for future updates!

  1. Do you mean in the links to the TheoryTabs (the gray ones with the YouTube thumbnail)? Or do you mean on the TheoryTabs themselves? If it is the later, we already do this. At the top of every TheoryTab there is a key selector / indicator that is almost exactly what you describe:

3: Are you referring to the piano visualization or the piano audio? Hookpad /TheoryTabs already support 5 octaves which covers > 99% of songs. The instrument visualization is limited to 3 octaves because we wanted to keep it large and easy to read.

I really like the idea of having some sort of sustain pedal in the editor, even though it wont be applied to most songs, there are still some that could benefit from it for example that have piano arpeggios fused with a melody instead of having a loud unwanted chord. Examples of this are: and

Another thing, would it be possible to implement like a second line so that there can be two different notes happening at the same time without using chords? E.g like a right hand and a left hand? Again not needed for most tabs but for most piano pieces there are usually arpeggios of the chords played by the left hand and the melody by the right? Thanks!