Request: Paula Deanda Walk Away

Hi All, this song seems like a simple pop song. Can someone help with the chords?

Pretty much the whole song is IV, V, iii, IV in the key of C major. (F, G, Em, F).

Edit: The bridge does something a little weird and moves to a Bb major–this is just borrowing one chord from the key of C minor. It kind of gives a “jazzy” feel in my opinion. The progression for the bridge is IV, iii, IV, V (Bb maj, Em, Bb maj, G)

Hope this helps!

Pretty sure the third chord is C/E, making Fmaj7, G, C/E, F (Imaj7, V, I6, IV).
Same with bridge: Bbmaj7, C/E, Bbmaj7, G11 (♭VIImaj7, I6, ♭VIImaj7, V11)