Request: Guys, isn't time for some Kasabian?

Somebody please, analyse a Kasabian song already.

any requests in particular?

OMG wow, you’re so nice! I don’t know how lazy you are right now, so I’ll list the songs (just pick one).

  1. Kasabian - Days Are Forgotten (Important part = pre chorus - chorus)
  2. Kasabian - Man Of Simple Pleasure (Important part = pre chorus - chorus)
  3. Kasabian - L.S.F. (Important part = chorus)
  4. Kasabian - Club Foot (Important part = final chorus - lead out)

So, just pick one. I want to know what chords sound dark like those (the important part), you know, not like Radiohead spooky, but like real badass spookiness, the slayage.

Sorry for my professional English and the long post. :smiley:

I can get to at least one of these over the weekend

oh…its cool. deal.

Never mind, had some free time today. I ended up transcribing multiple voices since it felt really incomplete without them.
Days Are Forgotten Pre-Chorus:
I’ll do the next one soon.

You did that in a day? A day? What is wrong with you? I don’t know who you are, I don’t where you come from, but I will find you and I will buy you a beer.


Working on Man of Simple Pleasures. Haven’t heard this band before but I like it.

ah yasss my king. and yeah, they’re very good. such brits, much lads.

Hi Badonk,

I just saw this post; I want to do an analysis of all Kasabian’s tunes, at least the first few albums; would you be interested in seeing this?

any other artists you’d like to see analysed? like rammstein?


@aphextwin87 Hey man! Woah. This sounds too good to be true haha. But dude yes, more Kasabian, more rammstein, more Beck! More The Killers maybe? And oh more Goldfrapp please! And of course we need Aphex Twin, but they’re pretty microtonal so we should just forget it. I suck at finding chords, but maybe I could help writing the melodies if you’re lazy to do it. We can analyse songs that overlaps our taste so it won’t get boring you. Now, the mostest importantest question…dun dun dun…can we be BFFs forever and ever brother? Hehehe.


thanks for replying man! do you have an email where I can add you and talk more please?

i love Beck, Kasabian, Rammstein, The Killers, Goldfrapp…great taste. what are your favourite albums and songs? so I can work on them first.

Ooo yeahhhh…Sent you a pm.