Request: Arty Feat. Conrad - Braver Love

Hey there, love this website! It’s so helpful. Sadly, I have no experience what so ever with figuring out progressions/chords and needed some help for a remix competition I want to take part in. The song is called Arty Feat. Conrad - Braver Love, link: There are remix stems for the song which includes a piano stem but still couldn’t figure the chords out. Anyone able to help me out?


Probably the most boring Arty track I’ve heard to be honest. Anyway I’m pretty sure (someone can correct if I’m wrong) the progression is in Eb Dorian (Arty is known for using dorian mode a lot) and goes III - ii - v - IV - ii - i - IV - ii - i - ii - IV.

Anyway, I’ve transcribed it into a midi file.