Report: Racist Song "recently added"

I just noticed a recently uploaded song by user “jews” that is racist and does not belong on hooktheory or theorytab, pls can a staff member delete it? Sign In - Hooktheory

i think its the same account “@nigga” they reuploaded the songs under a different user.

Just block their IP Address at this point, this is getting ridiculous


At this point it’s absolutely absurd that the Hooktheory staff has to wait for us to report these and request their deletion. If they can trim down multiple appearances of a song on “Recently Added” to just one appearance, then they should be able to delete these racist troll songs on their own, without waiting for someone to ask.


Thank you for bringing this up! They’re doing it under the username 1488, its not subtle. Is there any way to petition for a “flag” option? We’d still be doing the work but at least there would be some sort of recourse.

this guy is either a troll or actually racist but since hes uploading the songs here probably a troll

A flag option has already been requested years ago. The staff agreed that this would be a useful feature, but that’s about all that happened in that regard. They seem to prefer recieving reports via email. My guess would be that they’re worried about people abusing the report feature and thus creating an unnecessary workload for the staff members. Ironically the forum does have a flag option.

Unfortunately the inconvenience of having to write up an email in order to report a TheoryTab not only prevents trolls from spamming, but it also prevents genuine users from reporting tabs that seriously need to be reported. Feel free to write up another feature request for a flag option to let the staff know users are still interested in such a feature. In light of all of the trolling, spamming and vandalism that’s been going on lately I think this is more necessary than ever.

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And they’re back at it again…

one of the best ways to solving this is limiting posting when you’re a newbie. and build up reputation to be able to post more. then people who are trolling find the level of effort to get to where they’re posting songs (vs conversation) is too high each time they’re blocked for violations.

I think it’s more likely that they don’t have the time, staff, or motivation to add new features. The forum only has a flag option because it is a paid, off the shelf solution from Discourse.

Yes, I’m aware that this forum is based on Discourse. I would assume that Discourse offers an option to disable the flag feature though and I was pointing out that the flag option on here apparently doesn’t cause an unmanagable influx of reports in case my theory as to why they don’t incorporate a flag option in the database is correct.

Admittedly there’s significantly less overall activity and consequently less content that would need to be reported on the forum compared to the database and the kind of trolls that would abuse the flag option in the database don’t show up on the forum either. So maybe an unrestricted flag option in the database would acutally cause an unmanagable influx of reports, who knows?