Renaming without changing the last modified date

I name my projects systematically - “[short code for project] - [song title] - [section]”, where the code is AAA and title is a description of the mood of the melody if I didn’t write it for anything in particular. I’d like to be able to rename melodies from songs I’ve scrapped back to unused (AAA) format so I know they’re “free” and can be used again, and conversely to rename melodies to a specific song name when they aren’t. Problem is, there’s no rename function in Hookpad, just “save as”, which creates an entirely new project with a different (and useless) last-modified date. Can this be added?

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Yeah we can look into this. For now you can do a save as followed by delete to do same thing (I think, right?)


No, that resets the last modified date.

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My question is why does the modified date matter here? Even if there was a renaming feature, it would still have a changed modified date. You already have a system in place, why not just add the date when the tab was written to the tab title?

You can rename. File -> Open. In the “Open” modal, hover over a project and click the pencil icon that appears next to the name, as shown below.

Then change the title of the project, as shown below.

I guess we need to make this more obvious!

I never use the open modal, so I hadn’t noticed that. Nonetheless, it does also change the last modified date. It doesn’t update the date displayed, but you can see it if you refresh.

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