Rename the lead tracks?

It would be useful if we could rename the lead tracks. I use this to notate some barbershop arrangements so if i could rename the 4 parts to tenor, bari, lead and bass it would be great.


Thanks for the suggestion! This seems like a good idea, since writing 4-part music, barbershop, or SATB, seems like a natural fit for Hookpad.

One workable solution in the mean time is that you can export the .ly file directly using the setting in preferences, and edit the track names in the .ly file and export using Lilypond


Thanks Ryan

Hookpad is such a good product!

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Hi @stem734

Wanted to let you know that we have built this feature into the next version of Hookpad, which we will release once we’ve ironed out some of the bugs (this update features a pretty major refactor to our playback engine so we want to make sure we test it properly).