Remove notification popup at the bottom right

So when I do certain things a notification will appear at the bottom right then disappear. It annoys me a little bit so please let us disable this

Which notification are you talking about?

At the bottom right

@dave so can you reply

Hey @Vaz123 yeah I see what you are talking about. Shouldn’t be too hard to add an option. I don’t want to commit to when this will be done by as we are working on a bunch of other improvements and bug fixes at the moment, but will put on the list of feature requests.


hey @Vaz123 you can now turn off these notifications from the preferences menu


@dave If I copy something to clipboard then there’ll still be a notification and if I exit then come back, notifications will be set back to on

@dave so can you fix it

good point. We do have a way to make settings global but its a little more involved. I’ll add it to our list


@dave what about the problem with copying to the clipboard