Remove gaming features from Chord Crush

I’ve enjoyed the Chords Crush trainings so far, but I find some of the gaming oriented features counter productive – in particular, the time-limits imposed in level 3 challenges. With this feature, I find myself pressed to make decisions rapidly, often times focusing more on completing the game rather than studying the sounds. IMO music learning is most productive when done at a self-controlled pace: taking time to explore, feel and analyze. By taking the gaming approach too literally the training courses begin to tickle the other parts of the brain which is not optimized for learning music. Therefore, I’d enthusiastically suggest the developer to tune down the game aspect of the courses – at least giving an option to turn off the time limits in level 3 challenges. Honestly, I find it way more fun studying music than playing games, and I suspect I’m not the minority in this forum. For people like me, we don’t need a “game” to keep us engaged. The very process of learning and exploring music is already the ultimate form of entertainment. Thank you!