Regarding section naming

[21:27:43] HertzDevil: i have mentioned it
[21:28:14] HertzDevil: to change the section name and genre into free metadata fields
[21:28:20] HertzDevil: like title and author
[21:28:39] Jack Harrington: response?
[21:28:46] HertzDevil: good question

Citing Extends Levant’s current analysis, which runs at seven sections but encompasses only around a fifth of the entire song. The section naming system could do with a lot of change to allow for proper flexibility, and “free metadata fields” would about fix every issue currently present with Extends’ analysis. I’m sure that in future, the restraints of section names based on pop music will begin to show themselves further as well!

On the side, perhaps being able to rearrange the order of sections as shown would be nice, as the “Instrumental” is the section immediately following the “Intro and Verse” and not the end section (not to mention both names are asinine regarding what they describe).