Refund for the two books


I just bought hook theory monthly subscription and the two ebooks that come along with it. I can’t get the ebooks to work. I casn’t even find the web versions of the book.

I would like to request a refund for the books, not the hook theory subscription. Had I known that I could have bought the books from my iPad I would have just done that. So please return my money so I can get the ipad version which will probably actually work.

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Hi @BlackGenius, sorry for the trouble, you can find links to the books using the orange buttons on the top right corner of the page:

I’ve refunded your book purchases, but if you intend on purchasing them from the app store, we’re happy to keep them active for you on the website as well so you can read them in either place

Hello thank you for the service and for creating hook theory. I have purchased the books on my iPad as you see them in the screen shot picture. Also, thank you for the kind offer of allowing me to have the book in two places.

The reason I found hook theory is because I was searching for the training that taught me how to turn the hooks I come up with into music. I found your YouTube video that taught that skill and immediately purchased everything. This is top notch training and software.

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