Recover a Previous Save

Hi Dennis, I had an accident today with a nearly finished song. I don’t know what I did. I was in the key of A major with the opening chord an A maj. Whatever I did sent the song off into some strange universe. In the looking glass version of the key of A maj Hookpad now shows the opening chord as Dmaj. In the original version I changed the key center at the onset of the 2nd verse to G#…I remember getting the little reminder that "your song sounds like it’s in the key of ___ do you want to change? I said no as I was already into my desired voicings. I’ve gone around the circle of keys attempting to hear a familiar beginning…all strange. As I understand them the modes are increasingly minor in tone…I did try a few modal changes, but still nothing familiar. I may have upgraded to the next version inadvertently. I did have to reset some settings. Hookpad is always open on my computer and I’m not always connected to the mother ship. Is there some way of recovering an earlier save? Thank you in advance!

I did find the auto save of previous versions, but I need one from earlier - 11am today 11/11/2023 Thanks! Song title is A Company of Angels Vers 4

Hey Yabba, I’m sorry for your troubles.

I had a look at your song, but I’m not sure what exactly is wrong. What’s really strange is the opening chord. Why is it taking a secondary functional option here? Here you can get back your A major by selecting the chord and just clicking “None” in the “Secondary” tab on the right.
Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 08.35.07

I noticed that there are lots of other secondary chords in your project. Perhaps you can somehow revert it back to the original by removing the secondary options.
If you can’t find a Backup Version, I don’t think there is one, I’m very sorry.

Perhaps if you can tell me the chords that are wrong, and what they should be I can help you figure out what went wrong.


Hi Dennis, Thank you so much for your quick review and reply. I appreciate that you’re there for us!

This event has encouraged me to go back and review the user guide. I’m always learning new things here with Hookpad. I’m certainly no theory expert, but I attempt to dabble in composition at levels beyond my grasp! I’m also perplexed, but I did review your suggestion regarding secondary chord use. The opening chord indeed changed back to an A maj. I tried it going deeper into the song using this technique, but the whole thing remains to be not what it was. I was hoping for a global adjustment to return to the previous state. I didn’t know that the secondary chord function is to employ 5 of 5…I usually just work that out in my head. I do change between keys in a song as one of the tools in my workflow. Anyhow. Thanks for your help here…time to get to rebuilding this thing again with an eye toward improvement!

I’m sorry this didn’t help much. Thank you for your patience and your commitment. Is at least the melody still as it should be?


Thanks Dennis, I’m working on it…the revisions usually bring improvements! I hope LOL!