Random flats (♭) appearing that don't do or mean anything

So I was trying to find a workaround for a different bug, that being 11th, 13th, etc. chords displaying 6 or 7 notes but not actually playing 6 or 7 notes (edit: sometimes it does though?), and at some point noticed this:

I don’t know what exactly I pressed to cause it as I was just clicking around, but if it shows up again I’ll try to provide more details. The chords don’t sound or display any differently. Although somehow I got a bᵒ♭♭♭♭♭♭♭ in my score (that also sounds like a normal bᵒ:

If I change that chord, the ♭s stay in the name but everything else works normally.

Thank you for reporting this. I have never seen this before. Yes, it would be nice if you can find some steps to reproduce it, in the case you ever see it again.

About the other “bug”:
Our harmony instruments have different voicings. Some like the “Full Chord” ones are playing all chord notes and a root/bass note while others are restricted to play only three notes which makes sense for rich Synthi sounds which would sound muddy if they are playing too many notes at the same time or right Piano patches etc.

I’m sorry that it’s a bit unclear which voicing an instrument patch is using. I think Ryan has a vision of letting the user select the voicing method for each instrument but this has never been a priority as we would need to change the whole band browser UI for this to happen.

Ok here are some steps:

Enable ♭5 on a major or diminished triad, or ♯5 on a minor triad, then toggle add9, add11, and add13 a few times. One or more of those three will add either one or two extra ♭s or ♯s to the interface each time it is toggled.

This bug likely isn’t encountered often. I had been working through a MIDI dump of chord voicings in a depth first search of all the chord properties trying to work out if you were taking into account avoid notes from jazz or something. Thanks for explaining about voicing differences per instrument. Are there other voicings or just those two? Which notes have priority - bass, third, and highest? Are avoid notes or other factors considered?

I like your take on songwriting with the band browser. It is fast at generating usable backing tracks so you can just focus on getting ideas down. Having a bunch of premade basslines is really handy. It would be awesome if it let you see, edit, and create new voicings (FR: and patterns/phrases/arpeggios) to fine tune perfect starter MIDI tracks, so I hope you do decide to build that at some point. You could probably even sell addon packs of presets in different styles.

Thanks for the steps. I could easily reproduce it and added it to my list.

Yes, there are basically four combinations of open, compact with three-note and full voicings. All voicings are created in a way that the top note of those chords is staying in the same position as closely as possible. I think third has seventh have the highest priority in three note voicings.

I agree, that sometimes you want go in deeper and change the actual notes of all those patterns. But this is lots of work and we would need to find a way to make it really easy and to not loose the easy way of creating something fast in Hookpad.

Here’s another one:

Create a diminished 7th chord and toggle no5 a few times, and a bunch of extra right parentheses get added to the interface.

Screenshot 2023-04-24 165736

Thanks a lot for reporting!