Random Borrowed Chord Melody Note Question:

I am trying out Hookpad to decide if I want to purchase it. One of the main selling points was being able to borrow a chord and have the proper scale ready to go for the melody.

So I made a practice song in C Major, and I borrowed chords from C Harmonic Minor. It’s showing the C Major scale notes at the top, but I think it’s putting the C Harmonic Minor notes into the melody. It’s clearly showing and playing the Harmonic Minor Chords.

Does this sound right to you? I am fine if it will still work, I just thought that was strange.


I’m a little confused by your situation. If your project is in C Major, then Hookpad will use the C Major scale to define the notes in your melody. If you’d like to add notes that are not in the C Major scale (but preserve the key), you can add non-diatonic tones by raising or lowering notes by a half step. If you’d like to see what notes are “stable” or contained in a chord (for instance borrowed from harmonic minor), you can hover your mouse over the chord, and the staff will light up these notes.