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Raise/lower chord by octaves

Just as the title says. I’d like to raise/lower a chord by more than what the chord inversions offer. After I go from root to 3 to 5, I’d like to continue to the root which is higher than the beginning root by one octave, and then go to the next higher note that is an octave higher than the previous 3rd tone.

Thanks anyone for your help!

In Hookpad at the moment you can’t raise or lower individual chords. Instead in the band browser you can use the octave slider of each bass instrument to select the highest and lowest notes the bass instrument may play.

It’s not quite the same as changing individual chords but it’s usually enough to work with.

Please let me know if this could help.

Thanks so much for your help DSchwachhofer! Your solution works well, but only for raising the octave of ALL the chords. Is there a way to raise the octave of just one chord?

Just realized I can click the individual notes of the chord in the top section (where you’d normally write the melody)!

No, raising the octave of just one chord is not possible out of the box. You could theoretically achieve this by creating a band change marker before and after the bar with the chord and change the octave there, but this usually also affects the behaviour of your drums so it’s not the best way.

You can also take like melody voice 4 and write your own bass line where of course you can write any octaves/notes you like.

I have never even fund how to compose for secondary voices at all, let alone at different octaves! /( -_-)\

I still have never found a solution to my first question concerning a split-octave flat/sharp transition note.

When the melody section is selected, on the right side you have a box where it says ‘active voices’. There you can select voice 2 and now write a second voice. If you don’t see the box you can click on the arrow on the right side and the box should appear!

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