Radiohead's Creep chord missing: B as "III(bor)"

Don’t know if it is a bug or a feature: Wanted to analyze the famous Creep song by Radiohead that I found on a tab:

At that tab it was identified to be in key of Gmaj. When I started to put into my Hookpad, I was stopped at the 4th chord.
I need a “B” as III chord, but by using the “Borrow” chord list I couldn’t find the “B”.
In the tab, it’s tagged as “III (bor)”, but in hookpad there’s no mode with B as III. Was this option “turn any minor in major or vice versa” removed ?

The “(Bor)” means that the chord is from a different mode borrowing from another mode. In this case the B chord is actually a V chord borrowed from E Major to E Minor placed into G Major.

Thanks, I was fooled by the “III (bor)” in the old tab.
In the current Hookpad version it is mentioned as a “V/vi” - which resolves in the song to a IV instead a vi ! And that’s the difference between a Hookpad-rooky and Thom Yorke :wink: