Question about the chords on the song pages can anyone help

On the song pages, where the notes and chords are listed. like for example on this song, the first chord is I gm, which i understand to be G, Bflat, and D played simultaneously, the first chord covers 2 whole bars. Is the chord played only one time at the beginning and held down the whole 2 bars or is it played 8 times, one time every measure?

anyone? can’t seem to recreate the sound in my DAW.

if this is in piano why do the chords sound like they are being strummed with a guitar


The Theorytab database is a community-supported library of song analyses. Theorytabs reveal the structure of a song in the form of chords and melody, but are not meant to be a transcription of the song, like you might find on a guitar tab site. Therefore, the playback on the Theorytab page will always use piano, regardless of what instruments are used in the song.

Since each theorytab is contributed by our community, it is up to you to decide whether the first chord in this progression should be labelled as 1 8-beat chord or 2 4-beat chords. I’m guessing that the users responsible for this analysis chose 1 8-beat chord because the guitar strums, then holds for 8 beats.

If you’re trying to recreate this in a DAW, I can tell you what I hear. I think there are two guitars playing: the first is strumming the chords once per chord, as you mentioned, and the second appears to be playing alternating low and high 8th notes outlining various scale degrees in each chord (e.g., low G, high G, low G, high G etc. on the g minor chord).

@Ryan instead of recreating the actual song from the youtube video, i was simply trying to recreate the piano from hooktheory, since it is all piano. But the sound of the chord progression in hooktheory, i can’t recreate it in the DAW for some reason. e.g. if i go into hookpad and put in a single g minor chord and drag it to cover one bar and play it, and then go into a DAW and do the exact same thing, they don’t sound the same. All of this is with no melody and just playing a g minor chord in both hooktheory and then the DAW.

^ that sounds different from this.

Hi @kane99,

Sorry, I understand your question better now.

There are many different ways of playing a G Minor chord. Really as long as there’s a G on the bottom, and you have a Bb and a D somewhere in the chord, it’s a G Minor chord.

When Hookpad chooses to play a G Minor chord, it always puts a G on the bass, then it arranges a Bb, D, and an additional G depending on the Harmony octave setting that is adjustable in the mix tool.

When the octave is set to 0, Hookpad chooses:

G1, Bb2, D3, G3

Hooktheory PLUS members can also export MIDI directly from Hookpad to populate into a DAW so that you don’t have to manually enter notes.

Thanks, that was really helpful I understand now.