Quantize, please!

As using MIDI or Keyboard input for recording has a huge latency, a way to quantize notes would be great…

Well, as no other notes faster that 16th notes are allowed in Hookpad, everything is kind of quantised already. But if you’re having trouble to get the notes onto the right spot I suggest to play around with the Input Latency slider and see which settings are the best for you.

At my computer I need a latency of around 75ms. With this setting if I play on my midi controller in a way that I hear the notes on beat, the notation is also on beat. I have to play slightly early but at least what I hear and see is identical.

Please let me know if this helped!


It didn’t fix Chrome latency (but I guess we touch the limit of a DAW inside a web browser).
But thanks for your suggestion.

I’ll record and import MIDI using my DAW if necessary.
And after spending some time with hookpad, editing is more fluid now.

So it’s OK.


Yes, it doesn’t fix Chrome’s latency. There are worlds between the latency of a stand-alone DAW and a browser application. But with some practice slower notes can be written onto the right time when the latency setting is right.

Yes, you can also always record the midi elsewhere and import it.