Putting Hookpad song into normal songsheet mode

When I try to make a songsheet copy of my Hookpad melody I get a message saying it can’t be done. I vaguely recollect doing something to ensure my work is not copied but I can’t remember what. Could this be preventing me making my songsheet copy and if so how can I undo whatever I did?
David Fenton

@dave4fenton, would you mind posting a screenshot of the error message you are seeing?

This is the notification of failure.
'The webpage at ‘http://www.hooktheory.com/song/sheetMusic/song/Me-My+Lady+Goes+Dancing-chorus/HTID/hIrXoM5Mr9LZ’ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
David Fenton

@dave4fenton, can you do me a favor? Save your project to disk (see screenshot) (click the button at the bottom left of the popup that says “Save To Disk”) and email the file to support@hooktheory.com - this will let us load it in and debug the sheet music (score) export.

@dave4fenton, were you ever able to export your song?