[Pseudo-Fixed] Bass line and melody ONLY option

I was thinking it would be great to have a “Mute Harmony” option when listening to the piano roll leaving only the melody and the (implied from harmony) bass line.

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100% agree. Can’t believe this hasn’t been requested more often. Would be great for intros especially.

In other words, separate the bass from the harmony. Or simpler still, just make the bass sounds available as a voice.

Too easy! :sunglasses:

The “bass” voice plays only the bass note of the harmony so you can kind of hack this by getting the correct note in the bass of the chord and go to the mix and mute the “harmony” track. Then you will only get melody (voice 1, 2, 3, 4) and the bass note of the harmony.

Haha great minds Chris :smile: … that’s exactly what I’d been doing to get around it.

Only problem is then if you want to continue writing your song in the same tab, you can’t, as you now have no audible harmony.

The auto-bass (tied to harmony) that you’ve built in is great to get up and running, but can quickly become quite restrictive.

Am I missing something re making bass sounds available as voice, so you can create your own bassline? Would it not be fairly straight-forward? It is after all just another pre-existing sound to be applied to individual notes in the melody…

I’ve created a bassline on a voice using piano but it would’ve sounded a whole lot better with one of your bass settings.

Thanks for the reply.

This would definitely work. I’ll discuss your idea with the team. Cheers.

@mrmattyd, we pushed Hookpad 1.3.9 moments ago that allows bass sounds to be used as a melody voice. Thank you for this awesome suggestion.

Is there a place that explains how to do that? I can only seem to get my active voice to do lead parts.

All you have to do is to select a Bass sound for your lead melody and you can start writing your own bass lines. There are a couple of different places in the band browser to find bass sounds.

There are categories defined especially for bass sounds (red boxes) and every lead sound has an option to select the deeper range of the instrument (green box). I usually use voice 4 for my bass lines to keep voice one free for actual melody lines.

Please let me know if this helped!


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