Project-specific public url player type settings

Hi hooktheory, first of all thanks for the new features, esp with regard to the player. However one feature is missing in my opition - now it’s possible to adjust the player settings browser-wide via My TheoryTab Settings, but not for the individual projects. Oftentimes I use hooktheory while collaborating with producers to share the song and the melody/chord data especially, and the new default “timeline” layout doesn’t allow to quickly grasp the chord structure of a song, while the “score” layout thanks to its 8-bar design allows to quickly see the song parts and the chord patterns.

I would really like to have an option to choose the default layout while creating a shared URL, that would really simplify sharing a song, because now I would have to send a screenshot or explain how to adjust settings in the browser to each person, which isn’t convenient. Or maybe some url setting like would also be great.