Project does not open, complains about YouTube sync

I try to open any previously working tab, even as simple as it gets, but it does not load e.e.

Something about YouTube pops out at the bottom, and it just never finishes loading sounds.

I have never used YouTube sync in any project, nor know why is it there.

I’m experiencing the same issue.
This rogue feature overrides the settings.

Hi @ramoscarlos and @missycarter, thank you very much for reporting this. I pushed 2.10.4 moments ago that I hope fixes this issue. Restart your browser to get the latest version. If the problem persists, let me know and I’ll keep working on it.

While some projects do open, I still find other that do not. I attach a screenshot taken just now. I restarted computer, and therefore browser an application.
I am running Firefox under Linux, although Firefox under Windows did not work either.

@ramoscarlos. Thank you for your patience! We pushed 2.10.5 a few mintues ago that fixes this (we think!). Were you opening projects from the “My Hookpad Projects” page on or through File->Open within Hookpad? We found the issue happen in the former case (which, admittedly, I never tested since I exclusively use File -> Open now)

Remember to fully refresh the page or restart your browser and do Hookpad -> About to make sure you are using 2.10.5

@chris, yes! It seems to be fixed now :).
And yes, I almost always open my project from the " My Hookpad Projects" page.


Have cleared Chrome browser cache and all is fine now. Have also tried Firefox which I find a little more responsive.