Problem with December 2 Tab of the Day: Gives error

When you attempt to play the newest Tab of the Day (It’s Come On Get Higher by Matt Nathanson, Verse and Pre-Chorus), I get an error when I try to listen to the piano. Then the tab freezes and I can’t play the YouTube video:

@bigyihsuan, can you try clearing your cache and seeing if this problem persists? We pushed our Javascript audio engine a couple days ago and this alert is related to it.


I’m having the exact same problem, except it happens with every tab.

All, this has been challenging to reproduce but your screenshot was helpful. Moments ago, we pushed a small change that forces the audio assets to always be retrieved using https. From what I can tell, the error seemed to happen in instances where the users browser was non-https and the assets were requested with https or vice-versa. I’m not 100% sure why this would ever happen in the first lace, or that this will fix the problem. Please report back here if it is does not. Sorry for the trouble. Cheers - Chris

Hey Chris! Good to know you guys are aware of it, I’ve only just encountered it while trying to listen to some tabs, but it is also occuring when I try to open up a new hookpad tab as well.

UPDATE: So I just cleared my cache as you said for the last week and its working fine now! Thanks :slight_smile: