Problem exporting wav file

I am having an issue with exporting wav files. When I try to export the status bar fills all the way to 100% but the link never appears in the dialog box. Am I doing something wrong? I have updated flash and don’t seem to b having any issues with other features.

Well after several hours I finally was able to get the file downloaded. Now I am having the same problem as previous posters - the song is much lower and slower than I notated. My computer is brand new and we went top of the line on every piece of hardware so I don’t think processing speed is the issue. No other applications open or even any other devices using wifi. I am hoping to get this figured out since I purchased Plus with the hopes of simplifying my songwriting process.


Sorry this is happening. Could you post which browser and version you are using? Hookpad uses the Web Audio API recorder node to record the .wav files, which can get tripped up if the browser doesn’t have enough resources. We also downsample the recorded wav so that it exports faster than in takes to do a single play through, but it sounds like your song might have been exported at the original speed (so that the downsampling is making it sound an octave lower). Could you check the sample rate on the sound file and post that as well? Thanks for your patience

I seem to be also having problems. I have tried on two different computers and with two different songs and both export to wave at a slower tempo and different key. I am using Chrome browser on both but I will try another browser in case that is the issue and post my results. Love the program but if I cannot export I may have to unsubscribe and that would be a shame.

Yep same thing happens to me. I am using a Chrome Browser. And when I export a wav file, it spits out a 22.050 kHz file and I’m importing it into a 48kHz Pro Tools session. Usually Pro Tools can do a conversion on import but it’s not working.

Hookpad by default lowers the sampling rate of its .wav files to 22kHz, because we many users were reporting issues with their browsers not being able to keep up with recording at 44kHz. If there is interest, we could possibly have options to set the wav file sampling frequency

I am very interested in having an option to export wavs at 44100 Hz, as I want to load certain samples into my sampler so I can play them back with the keyboard, but the sampler only accepts 44100 Hz wav files.


In the new Hookpad we sample at 44kHz. Right now we are planning on exporting to mp3 to keep the file sizes down, but this can be converted back to WAV using a variety of software options

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