Premium customer user experience improvement

Hello, the new update is an amazing improvement! Wow! Especially for mobile.

just to share that “advertisements” for purchasing your books and the premium version of hookpad show up all the time in the interface even though i am already a premium member and have already purchased your two books. It would improve the user experience to not have those in our faces all the time. Like in youtube we can say “we are not interested” in a video and it disappears and we can give the reason why in this case “i have already purchased the book on apple app store or google app store” or “i am not interested in buying this book at the moment” or “im thinking about buying the book at a later time” or “i dont have money to but the book roght now”. You could gather insight on the type of visitors you attract

Because if you come up with new books or products in the future I’ll already have banner blindness. If you use those banners and ads when most needed then they have more power. If you showed them randomly and made them sticky for a while 15days) only for people who have visited the book desceiption page (meaning they are interested in the book and probably in the purchase process of debating wether or not to buy it using it as a reminder. Probably not clearly explained but you can maybe understand what i mean.

Is this from within Hookpad or elsewhere on the site?

Thanks for pointing this out