Practical Use Of Dissonance

Hi, I’m currently a music student studying in the UK, and was wondering if i could collect some information from musicians on their views of dissonance and its practical use within music production. This would be of great help for my dissertation. If you would not mind having a look at this short survey, it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

It would also be interesting to hear musicians views on what intervals are most dissonant. Aug 4th? Major 7th, Minor 2nd? Flat 9th?

There’s no option for younger than 18? Well, picking the youngest option, then.

Minor 2nd calls up horrors from band class where a few out of tune people sticking out like sore thumbs…

Interesting, its been debated that the tritone is the most dissonant interval, or at least in medieval times.

Nah, my own opinion, but tritone at least can resolve somewhere (same with major 7, not entirely sure with the 9th you have).

The minor 2nd doesn’t really want to resolve anywhere. It’s just there.