Possible deleted bar - loop bug?

today i was editing a new project and wanted to remove the extraneous bars added, when i inadvertently selected them to loop. then selected and removed them. however, when i press play, i found the deleted looped bars were still playing… so it seems like if bars which were looped and then deleted, the loop control is not reset to reflect the change.

following up - if i loop only the Am chord bar and remove it, the loop is then re-set to the G bar-- my expected behavior would to remove the loop completely if all looped bars were deleted, or preserve the remaining looped bars. (within the context of the selection - meaning if i loop 4 bars, and remove one, there are only 3 bars looped and not 4…).


@DSchwachhofer did you get a chance to look into this loop-delete bug? thanks!

We didn’t get the chance to tackle this yet. But thank you very much for the detailed bug report!

Some of the our devs are away for the next weeks so it might take a couple of weeks.

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no rush, although it looks like it’s been around a while :slight_smile: Hookpad: Loop points include deleted measures causing incorrect/silent playback (see GIF) - bug reports - Hooktheory Forum