Possible Ban Request

I’m starting to think that beninahouse needs to be banned. They act like such a nuisance and always complains if it isn’t how they want it. @DSchwachhofer @Ryan @chris

Can you please point me to something to look at?

Most recent one i’ve come across from benina the 2nd to most recent one.
Hello Mrs Wheelyke by They Might Be Giants (Verse) Version History - Hooktheory

from what ive seen its quite the opposite actually.

Ok, let me clarify this, no one is getting banned here for some polite complaining.

@JerichoScott: Please stay nice in the comments. Telling other users that they have problems and need help is actually really insulting. Please don’t do this again.

As for the question of the octave, I think the higher octave is ok, too. After the TheoryTab is only a transcription of a melody and some chords, nothing more. So the octave of the melody is totally irrelevant and it makes sense to select an octave that is above the piano accompaniment so that you can better hear the melody.

Yeah, sorry I know was a bit harsh but they should handleit a bit better.